Garden 2012


JUNE 2012

The majority of the perennials were planted in May 2011 and have now got well established. They have filled out which means less weeding. The low box hedge is slowly emerging which hopefully will bind the soil. The climbers that we planted will hopefully gain greater height next year.

During the last year we have lost a couple of shrubs and a few perennials due no doubt to the weather, though birds did peck out the London’s Pride.

Michael painted the Victorian style obelisk donated by a volunteer and put up the screen made out of willow and hazel. The idea of the wigwams was to plant some peas and beans, but the weather has got the better of us – perhaps next year.

The Outreach Group from Scunthorpe maintains the north-east corner of the garden and the seedlings from the spectacular sunflowers they grew are again coming up but very slowly this year.

We were grateful to the head gardener of Normanby Hall Country Park, Paul Betham for giving us his advice on how to progress to create a ‘Victorian Garden’. He also brought us a few new perennials.

We still hope to plant some old fashioned climbing roses and some Hidcote lavender.

Anybody wishing to join the volunteer gardening group will be very welcome. We meet about once or twice a month for a few hours including a cup of tea.