Garden 2013


JUNE 2013

The majority of the perennials which were planted in May 2011 have now got so well established that this year we have been able to pot up some for resale.

As you can see the low box hedge is still slowly emerging which we are hoping will bind the soil. This year we did clip the top of the plants to encourage them to bush out.

The weather determines to a certain extent what grows well. We found the sunflowers that were so spectacular in 2011 did eventually make stubby plants and flowered very late in October. The potted lavender also bloomed late and was still in flower at Christmas time. It is now flowering at the correct time.

My neighbour says that every year the weather suits different weeds. This year favoured the dandelion and an abundant crop a tiny white flowered kind similar to shepherd’s purse.

Our apple trees are having a rough time though I see they have more apples this year. Personally I have no knowledge of pruning such trees, but we have now an experienced gardener coming to look at them in August and next spring so hopefully they will eventually be in better shape. We have on instructions fed them blood, fish and bone.

A perennial sweet pea has been planted at the base of the Victorian style obelisk. The passion flower is gradually climbing the willow and hazel screen.

The honey suckle on the north facing wall is romping away – yet to bloom.

The Outreach Group from Scunthorpe still maintain the north-east corner of the garden and have a beautiful old fashioned pink moss rose in their patch donated by a lady who lived opposite. Their curry plant died, but I have begged cuttings of an old pink rose seen in a garden during Barton Open Gardens weekend which will fill the space together with a pink climbing rose.

The perennials brought last year by Paul Betham, head gardener of Normanby Hall Country Park, are doing well.

Anybody wishing to join the volunteer gardening group will be very welcome. We meet about once or twice a month for a few hours including a cup of tea.