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Folklincs Concert

Singers from Barton, Goxhill, Barrow and East Halton perform as part of Barton Arts 2019.

6pm in the Joseph Wright Hall (first floor – restricted access).

£5 (children free) for tickets and more details

Posted on:29th June 2019

Folklincs Workshops

Part of Barton Arts 2019, this is a free session to learn a song or tune on the penny whistle, and talk “folk” with members of the group,  between 3.30 and 4.30pm.

Posted on:29th June 2019

Annual Graham Saunders Lecture

Part of the Barton Arts 2019 programme, Graham will be choosing discs for a desert island in the Varah Room fully accessible).


£5  Check for more details and booking

Posted on:29th June 2019

Bhangra Workshop

As part of Barton Arts 2019 Arts Trail we’re hosting a one hour bhangra workshop to join in or watch, in the sunny Wilderspin Playground, at 3pm today.

Posted on:29th June 2019

Barton Ukes

Barton’s own ukulele ensemble perform in the Playground as part of Barton Arts 2019 Art Trail at 2pm.

Full Barton Arts programme at

Posted on:29th June 2019