More With Less – our autumn & winter opening times

Autumn Winter 2022/23 Opening at Wilderspin

Museum Open 11am – 3pm on each date listed.

The Old School Canteen coffee shop is open as usual Thursday – Sunday 10am – 4pm throughout the year.

Saturday              01-Oct

Sunday                 02-Oct

Saturday              15-Oct

Sunday                 16-Oct

Thursday             27-Oct                   Half Term

Friday                    28-Oct                 Half Term

Saturday              29-Oct                   Half Term

Sunday                 30-Oct                   Half Term

Saturday              05-Nov                 Admission charge £5 per adult commences.  Children FREE.

Sunday                 06-Nov

Saturday              19-Nov

Sunday                 20-Nov

Saturday              26-Nov                 Barton Christmas Festival (12pm – 4pm)

Saturday              03-Dec

Sunday                 04-Dec

Saturday              17-Dec

Sunday                 18-Dec

Saturday              07-Jan

Sunday                 08-Jan

Saturday              21-Jan

Sunday                 22-Jan

Saturday              04-Feb

Sunday                 05-Feb

Thursday             16-Feb                  Half Term

Friday                    17-Feb                 Half Term

Saturday              18-Feb                  Half Term

Sunday                 19-Feb                  Half Term

Saturday              04-Mar

Sunday                 05-Mar

Saturday              18-Mar

Sunday                 19-Mar

Posted on: 28th September 2022