Admission & Group Visits

The Museum is closed for redisplay until 22 July.

The  Old School Canteen coffee shop is open Thursdays – Sundays 10am – 4pm.

There is limited availability of Up in the Gallery for KS1 & KS2 during the summer and autumn terms.  The rest of our school visits programme is suspended until January while we undertake redisplay and a review of our learning sessions.  

Group Visits will be available again from August.

Winterton Town Twinning 24 August 2016

The Museum is a popular venue for group tours – their length varies but typically last two to three hours depending on whether it involves lunch or afternoon tea.  The guided tour takes at least one hour – and you can include a short “lesson” in the Victorian Classroom, or you can have an object quiz to test who’s been listening attentively during the tour!

The tour costs £4 per person. Or for £5 we can include a Classroom Experience to stimulate your group’s reminiscences or a meeting with one of Mr. Wilderspin’s Agents or Teachers – and there’s a light-hearted group quiz activity using objects which is good fun.

Refreshments for groups can be arranged with The Old School Canteen separately.  Tea and coffee is available as part of evening tours or visits when the coffee shop is closed  (£1.50 per person).

There’s plenty of seating around the Museum if members of your group have restricted mobility – it’s all on the ground floor with wheelchair access and a wheelchair accessible toilet.  There’s good car parking too and coaches can easily drop off outside the School.

Some groups visit other places of interest in the town nearby and make a day of it – we can advise you on where to go!

Everyone enjoys reminiscing and sharing memories of school and childhood – and go away smiling!

Telephone (01652) 635172 to discuss your group’s needs and to book.