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Decimal Place

How did schools and wider society cope with going decimal overnight fifty years ago?

Reminisce in the Chatty Café and share your memories of pounds, shillings and pence and non-metric weights and measures before the big change.

Posted on:4th September 2021 20210911 20210923

Back to School!

Follow in the footsteps of the Victorian children who came to school here full of trepidation and excitement, through from the School Yard and into School, then explore Mr. Wilderspin’s Infant Schoolroom.

Who used the finger-stocks in the Victorian Classroom?

What’s hidden in the desks in the Wartime Classroom?

What was school like for your mum, dad and grandparents?

Explore the world’s only reconstruction of Mr. Wilderspin’s Model Infant School.

Posted on:12th July 2021 20210910 20210923

Fakes and Forgeries: The Art World’s Biggest Headache

Barton Civic Society’s public lecture programme recommences at Wilderspin with a welcome return of popular speaker Marilyn Roberts to take a light-hearted look at how some of the world’s leading auction houses, galleries and museums have been fooled by forgers – including the infamous Garden Shed Gang of Bolton!

The talk is part of Barton Civic Society’s 2021 lecture programme, and will take place in the Joseph Wright Hall (ground floor) at 7.3opm.  Non members £2.  Doors open 7.00pm.




Posted on:29th August 2021 20210903 20210923

Temporary closure

 The Museum won’t be open on Sunday (22 August) and The Old School Canteen is closed all weekend.
Posted on:19th August 2021 20210819 20210923

Face to Face

What was school like in the past?

Was it as scary as they say?

The only way to find out is try it yourself!

Bring the family to meet one of our historical teachers and join a lesson as part of your museum visit – you can even plan a trip to the tea room afterwards to console yourselves and swap schooldays stories!

Remaining sessions still available:

Saturday 28 August     Mrs. Wilson’s Wartime Classroom

All lessons start at 1.30pm and last 45 minutes.

All adults £5.  Up to two children (with one adult) free.  Subsequent children £2.

Booking required – telephone (01652) 635172

Posted on:12th July 2021 20210729 20210923