Eyes to the front

children having lesson in Victorian Schoolroom

Suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils this programme focuses on a timetable typical of the Victorian period from 1890 for children aged from 7 to 14.

It takes place in a restored Victorian classroom with all children and teachers dressing in Victorian costume.

A visit will enable pupils and teachers to:

  • Engage in role-play
  • Consider continuity and change
  • Discuss similarities and differences
  • Gain an understanding of late Victorian education
  • Experience an empathic situation

Format of the visit

  • Briefing
  • Bell (The school bell will be rung to signal the start of the role-play)
  • Register/hymn singing
  • Geography/object or history lesson
  • Arithmetic Drill
  • Writing
  • Reading • Choral Speaking
  • Debriefing

Prices and related information

Please note price changes as from 1st January 2014 There is a booking fee of £3.50 per child with a minimum charge of £60. or £3 per pupil when two sessions are booked as part of a whole-day visit. Maximum group size 35 It lasts one hour forty five minutes and run from 10.00am and 1.00pm (with some flexibility) Pre-visits are encouraged to discuss the learning programmes and arrangements for a school visit. These can be scheduled at the end of a school day – please call us to make arrangements.

To book a school visit, please contact the school by calling 01652 635172
or email: bookings4wilderspinschool@gmail.com