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children having lesson in Victorian Schoolroom

Our Victorian school has unique links to Samuel Wilderspin, one of the founding fathers of modern schooling and pioneer of infant schools across Britain.  The Museum is the only restored Wilderspin school and playground in the world.  It’s described by English Heritage as “one of the most important schools in England“.

Children can experience a Victorian school or a 1940s wartime classroom, become archaeologists in a Science session, or learn about early photography and the use of school photographs in History.

  • In essence – sessions are ninety minutes, can accommodate 35 children, and cost £5 per pupil – or £4.00 if combined with a second session to make a day of it – taking the day-cost to £8 per pupil.  There’s a cap though, to help – £150 for a single session, and £480 for double session days
  • There’s level access, wheelchair accessible loos, and a lift in the Joseph Wright Hall
  • We’ve a space where you can leave coats & bags, and eat packed lunches – and the Playground is great for letting off steam at the mid-day break especially in good weather
  • Coach drop off and pick up is convenient with places not too far away the coach can park, and the driver get some refreshment
  • Adults can buy lunchtime teas and coffees in the coffee shop on Thursdays and Fridays, and there’s tea & coffee making facilities for yu to make your own drinks on other days
  • We provide a pre-bagged shop service to save time and stress but with relevant souvenirs of the visit

Here’s our current programme:

  • Up in the Gallery (KS1) – a gentle role play session which replicates a day in the Victorian Infant School for our younger visitors
  • History Underfoot (KS1) –  a science-based session where the pupils become history detectives and examine real archaeological clues of school life in the past, and get a flavour of Victorian school in the 1890s Classroom
  • Eyes to the Front (KS2) – a role-play session in the National School Classroom where pupils can feel for themselves what school was like in Victorian times
  • The Camera Never Lies (KS2) – a hands-on session exploring the infancy of photography and the value of picture evidence of Victorian school life
  • Wartime Schooldays (KS2) – a role-play session in which pupils pretend to be evacuees to Barton where they’ll be billeted and experience classroom life in the 1940s classroom
  • Churchill’s Cogs (KS2) – a hands-on session exploring life on the home front and the role of children in Civil Defence

It’s best to ring (01652 635172) or email so we can fill you in and explain how a school visit to Wilderspin works.