Wartime Schooldays Experience

young girl dressed as war evacuee

Suitable for Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3 pupils.

National Curriculum History core study unit 9 “What was it like for children during the Second World War?”

Wartime Schooldays examines the impact of the Second World War on children’s lives on the home front and in the classroom. Pupils assume the role of evacuees escaping the Hull blitz for the safety of Barton.

They share the real experiences felt by the Hull “vacees” who were billeted in the town and who had to get used to home front hardships and shortages as well as coping with different daily routines and lessons at Barton’s Church School.

Familiar home front themes are explored in the setting of this historic school including the adjournment of lessons to the shelter during an air raid.

Whole day study sessions using a range of historical sources are available, including a closer examination of domestic life during the war.


Prices and related information

Please note price changes as from 1st January 2014

There is a booking fee of £3.50 per child with a minimum charge of £60. or £3 per pupil when two sessions are booked as part of a whole-day visit. Maximum group size 35.

To book a school visit, please contact the school by calling 01652 635172 or email bookings4wilderspinschool@gmail.com

Pre-visits are encouraged to discuss the learning programmes and arrangements for a school visit.  These can be scheduled at the end of a school day – please call to make arrangements.